Our Vision


As someone who aspired to be an entrepreneur, I feel that after creating my brand, I wanted to pass on the light of fulfillment that I receive from feeling independent and creating a brand to more women. I am happy to say that I have seen this fulfillment with my own very independent daughters who had goals of their own and are now owners of  their own businesses. 

I envisioned the ability for moms and students to have the independence of enjoying motherhood or schooling while feeling fulfilled.

Hence, we have partnered with Poshmark (one of the largest online fashion platforms) to help women own their own businesses and sell out of their boutiques.

As we grow, and times change, we now have the opportunity to do something else for the good of the public with out website. Hence, we have diverted our page to bring masks for the public at cost. We hope to continue making use of our platform to do greater good for the world.